Why Vape Devices Blow Up

Here is Why Vape Devices Blow Up. All over the internet, there are posts about vape devices blowing up and people getting hurt. Even though it is very unfortunate that people are getting hurt, most of the time it is user error.

You can tell it is user error because almost all the time you see a vape device blow, it is a RDA on a mech mod or even a regulated mod.

People say all vapes are bad because they blow up, but if you look at the post and see similarities, you will notice a few things. These things greatly explain why these devices are blowing up.

 Why Vape Devices Blow Up

Why Vape Devices Blow Up

They are mostly mechanical mods. Mechanical mods are great for getting raw power and big clouds. I do believe that mechanical mods make the biggest clouds, but they are the most dangerous because they are taking power directly from the battery.   Mechanical mods that have a battery reading to low will cause the battery to blow up. It is that simple.

People have coil builds that are too low ohms. Ohms is the electrical reading that displays how much power it takes to heat up the coils. It also will give you an idea of how hot the vapor will be. If the ohm reading is too low your battery will heat up and could possibly explode.

People just do not know how to build vape coils and the safety behind it. Do not go below .10 ohm for any battery or device. Make sure you have name brand batteries. I always go with a Samsung 25r. It is the best battery in my opinion.

Always test your coils with an ohm reader and never run a coil build that is too low in ohms. Always Vape Safe!