VAPE STORE-How To Find a Great Vape Store !

Vape Store
Vape Store

Finding a Great VAPE STORE is hard. I have bought vape products from many different stores all to find a great one. At the end of this post, I will leave a few links to a great vape store or two.

A good vape store has some highlighted characteristics.

  • Friendly Service
  • New and high-quality products
  • Fair Prices
  • Good Hours

Friendly service is my number one deciding factor when looking for the best vape store. They can have great prices but if their employees suck, then it will be a pain to shop there. Always have a decent attitude towards vape store employees, because they probably have had bad customers that day.

New and High-quality products is a biggy. I have been to a few vape shops and all they had were cheap little vapes that had built in tanks. They also had cheap juices, which I do not advise using for many health reasons. Always buy high-quality products from a vape store.

Fair Prices are always a must. I say fair because in person vape shops are always going to be higher than online places. I never knew why until I asked a shop owner who said that it cost him 8 thousand dollars to keep his shop open each month. Paying a little bit extra is not really that bad considering how much it cos them.  I always expect to pay $15 more for a vape when I buy it in person. Always support local vape stores, they keep this industry going.

Why I like local vape shops is because they offer a lot. I love the stores that mix their own e-juice, because you know it is fresh. Most shops have a lounge area to hang out and vape, which gives a sense of community to the vaping world. Find the best vape store is not that hard, but they are all different and offer different things.

My favorite Online Shop is Misthub.    Great Prices and probably the best customer service from an online shop.

Since we all live in different places all around the world, you are going to have to go out and hunt for your favorite shop.

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