Stainless Steel Parallel Coil Build

This Stainless Steel Parallel Coil build makes me love parallel builds each time I take a hit. It is one of the best coils I have made. The vapor production is massive and with the right airflow, you can make Goldilocks clouds.

What this Stainless Steel Parallel Build offers

  • Top Quality Vapor Production
  • Full Flavor
  • Beginner build experience

I have been vaping on this same coil for a few months now since I like it so much. All I do is clean the coil by getting it wet while it is hot and it is clean as a whistle.

Let’s get started with this coil build.

Here are the supplies you will need. Pretty simple! It is just a drill, two different types of vape wire, pliers, A drill bit and wire cutters. It is all the basic coil building supplies.Stainless Steel Parallel

After you get the supplies, you cut your two strands of wire. I only cut about eight inches of each length because I only made one coil. I would cut about a foot if you are going to make dual coils. I then used my drill to straighten the wire. “Pro Tip” A drill makes wires as straight as possible.  Stainless Steel Parallel WireThird, I started wrapping the wire. This part was a little difficult because the wires are two different sizes and making them line up is a pain. You might want to use the drill to wrap the coils. Stainless Steel Parallel Wrapped WireLastly, I put the coils on my RDA. I used my Goon RDA because it has a lot of room to build on and it is not as tall as other RDAs. If you have not tried the Goon RDA here is a link. The one coil came out to be .24 ohms.

Even though it was a single coil build, it still makes a ton of vapor and while filling your lungs.