RDA’s vs. Tanks

Lets take a look at RDA’s vs. Tanks. Every since vaping became a thing and tanks and rda’s were around, people have been leaning one way or the other. They both are great and have their pro’s and cons.

RDA's vs. Tanks  RDA
This image is released under Creative Commons. Image by  www.ecigclick.co.uk.


Rda’s stands for Rebuildable deck Atomizer. You replace the actual wire coils and cotton. You can make tons of different coils and build massive clouds. You can use an unregulated device or a regulated device, both work great. Be careful and know how to builds and follow the build tutorials I have, so you do not burn your cotton. Also know, how low ohms your battery can take.

The flavor on RDA’s is the best hands down.  You’ll alway get bigger clouds with a RDA because you can build your own coils, wick the coils, and adjust the airflow to be right on the coils.

RDA's vs. Tanks Tank


Tanks are pretty great if you like not having to drip. My first vape was a Ego AIO with a build in tank. Tanks are great for the people who do not want to just vape. They are easy and perfect for going an everyday vape. Lets face it, Dripping all the time is not the most practical.  So, if you want a very practical vape, then get a tank.

You can rebuild coils on tanks, but it a lot of work and replacement coils are really cheap.

The clounds can be big, but will never be as big as a really good RDA build.