Helix Wire- 24 gauge/36 gauge Kanthal Vape Coil

Helix Wire- 24 gauge/36 gauge Kanthal Vape Coil

Helix Vape Wire is really simple to build. It’s kinda similar to Clapton wire but just simple. It’s one of the easy “advance builds” I have done. Helix wire is just a thin gauge wire wrapped in a twisted wire. I know that was a little bit of a mouth full. I aimed to get this build around .2 ohms and I ended up around there at .18 ohm. None the less, helix wire chucks clouds but is not the biggest cloud builder.

How To Make Helix Wire

Like I said the helix wire is really simple and is kinda like a Clapton. It adds wire surface, which ends up makes bigger clouds.

Helix Wire- 24 gauge/36 gauge Kanthal Vape Coil2
I started out with two pieces of 25 gauge Kanthal

First I started out with 24 gauge Kanthal. I cut about a 2 and a half feet of it. I know 2 and a half feet sounds like a lot, but I only gave me a foot in the end. I cut the wire in half, then hand-twisted both ends.

Second, I twisted both of the “strands” of 24 gauge kanthal. I made sure It was twisted tight, but not too tight. If it is too tight is will end up twisting over itself. A good rule of thumb is to twist it and keep the same tension  on the wire the whole time, while you twist it. Vape wire is not expensive, so practice it till you can get it perfect.

Helix Wire- 24 gauge/36 gauge Kanthal Vape Coil3
The Finished wire has two pieces of 36 gauge wire helixed in it

Third, I got out my 36 gauge kanthal wire. This helix vape wire is full on kanthal. Kanthal is like entry level cheap wire, which everyone can use. I wrapped the 36 gauge wire in the twists of the wire. NOTE I did it twice since there was to pieces of wire.

Wrapping the Helix Wire

These Helix wire coils are pretty cool, but the act a little like a Clapton, but have the resistance of single wire coils.

I just used a 7/64 drill bit to wrap the coils. I ended up doing five wraps because I wanted to end up around .2 ohms.

Wicking these coils was easy I did not use a lot of cotton just because this coil does not use a ton of juice.  I am vaping this coil around 90 watts, which does not burn it and is not a hot vape, but it gives it decent vapor production.

How To Make Clapton Wire- Clapton Vape Wire

How To Make Clapton Wire- Clapton Vape

How To Make Clapton Wire- Clapton Vape

What is clapton wire? Well basically, clapton vape wire is just like a guitar string. For everyone who does not know what guitar strings look like, it is a large gauge wire wraped around a smaller gauge wire.

Pros of Clapton Wire

Clapton wire is one of my favorite wires to vape on because it creates a ton of vapor and does not get very hot. One of the big benefits of clapton wire, is that it has a lot of wire mass, which creates more vapor. The more wire you have, granted that you have good airflow and wicked the coil well, you will have a lot more vapor than low mass coils.

Cons of Clapton Wire

The only con I have with clapton wire, is that it uses a ton of ejuice. I only get big hits when I vape on clapton wire, but that is at 120 watts with a dual .20 ohm clapton build.


Lets Get Started

There are two main ways you can make clapton wire. One is just with a drill AKA free hand. The second is with a drill and a swivel. They both work great, but the swivel method is the easiest.

How To Make Clapton Wire- Clapton Vape 2
I ended up using 36 gauge stainless steel instead of nickel

First, you cut your core wire. The core wire is the lower gauge wire “the thicker wire”.

Second, start wraping the smaller gauge wire around the core wire where it will be clamped in the chuck of the drill . “the thinner wire.”

Third, start slowly as you to wrap the clapton wire around the core wire. I hold the spoil of wire in my hand as I make the wire. I have found that when I do not hold the spoil of wire, it is much harder to make the wire without any imperfections.

Fourth, Once you get in a rhythm, you can speed up the drill. Once I claptonize the whole wire, I twisted the clapton wire on it’s self to make it tighter.

That is how to make clapton vape wire. It’s is really simple to make this wire and it chucks huge clouds. Make sure your battery can handle your coils and vape safe.

Here are some more builds and related posts,

Rod Johnson To Appeal FDA Regulations

Twisted Nichrome and Nickel Coil Build

Rod Johnson To Appeal FDA Regulations

Rod Johnson To Appeal FDA Regulations

Rod Johnson To Appeal FDA Regulations

Rod Johnson To Appeal FDA Regulations and take back vaping to the good old days. Ok. It’s not that simple, but he is taking big actions. He’s trying to get us back on track and make vaping easy again.

So, on November 21st 2016, Rod Johnson To Appeal FDA Regulations by sending a letter to Obama Administration to basically stop having their huge regulation on vaping.  The FDA on August 8th basically made it so that anything vape or

The FDA on August 8th basically made it so that anything vape or e-cig is classified as a tobacco product.

Rod Johnson has been sending letters to the Obama Administration for months now. He agrees with all us vapers and thinks this whole FDA regulation is dumb.

It is also rumored that President-Elect Trump will likely take away the ban some point within his presidency. So, Sen Johnson is pushing to lift the bans as soon as possible.

Rod Johnson To Appeal FDA Regulations  wrote in his latest letter

“The U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) deeming regulation of e-cigarettes is a primary example of a rule that could eliminate an entire nascent industry.  Accordingly, giving the substantial likelihood that this burdensome rule will be undone, I urge the FDA to cease implementation of its deeming regulation to spare the growing e-cigarette industry unnecessary and avoidable compliance costs that it currently faces.”

Thank God we have a someone like Sen. Johnson. The FDA ban has put a huge set back in new vaping products releases. Hopefully, the bans will be lifted really soon so that new vape products can come out.

In the meantime, you can still make your own vape coils and here are some links to my coil builds.

Twisted Nichrome and Nickel Coil Build

Vape Craft Co. Ejuice Review

Vape Craft Co. Ejuice Review

Vape Craft Co. Ejuice Review

Vape Craft Co. Ejuice Review. I’ve bought tons of ejuice so far and it gets pretty expensive. I use to have a shop right next to me that sold cheap juice, but it did not taste good and was always old but then I found Vape Craft Co. Ejuice.

Vape Craft Co. Ejuice is some of the best juice I have ever vaped. Whether you like candy vapes or coffee vapes, they have a juice for you.

The pricing is the best I have seen so far with it being $15 for 120ml. 15ml are $3. It’s really good pricing and makes vaping that much more affordable.

All their juices are 70/30 blends and the 3 mls nicotine does not have a throat hit. 6ml nicotine does have a little throat hit to me, but it goes away. I have not tried the 12ml and I probably will never unless I get some for free.

So far every flavor I have tried taste great. Go check them out at http://vapecraftinc.com

Comment below if you like Vape Craft or want me to review more juices!

Twisted Nichrome and Nickel Coil Build

Twisted Nichrome and Nickel Coil Build
Twisted Nichrome and Nickel Coil Build

Here is a Twisted Nichrome and Nickel Coil Build that I have build a few times. It’s really low ohms, so make sure you have a battery that can handle it. It’s very warm but has a flavorful vape. It’s ranking at a .05 ohm build.

Twisted Nichrome and Nickel Coil Build
My supplies I used. Note you will also need a lighter

I started off with 24 gauge Nichrome, 28 gauge Nickel Ni200 wire. A drill, pliers, wire cutters and a lighter.

Twisted Nichrome and Nickel Coil Build
It with them with themselves then twisted them together.

I cut about 2 feet of each wire. Note twisting wire will shorten the length. I  twisted the wires with them selfs, then twisted them with each other.

Twisted Nichrome and Nickel Coil Build
Heat up the wire with a lighter

After I made the twisted wire, I took a lighter and heated up the wire to straighten it and make it a little more bendable. This twisted wire gets very hard, so that is why I heated it up. I heated it up till it was glowing red, but only let it glow for a second. I did a single coil Twisted Nichrome and Nickel Coil Build

I did a single coil Twisted Nichrome and Nickel Coil Build with 5 wraps, which came out to .05 ohms. It is really east to build, but do not build this coil, unless your battery can handle it. See y’all next time and Vape Safe.

RDA’s vs. Tanks

Lets take a look at RDA’s vs. Tanks. Every since vaping became a thing and tanks and rda’s were around, people have been leaning one way or the other. They both are great and have their pro’s and cons.

RDA's vs. Tanks  RDA
This image is released under Creative Commons. Image by  www.ecigclick.co.uk.


Rda’s stands for Rebuildable deck Atomizer. You replace the actual wire coils and cotton. You can make tons of different coils and build massive clouds. You can use an unregulated device or a regulated device, both work great. Be careful and know how to builds and follow the build tutorials I have, so you do not burn your cotton. Also know, how low ohms your battery can take.

The flavor on RDA’s is the best hands down.  You’ll alway get bigger clouds with a RDA because you can build your own coils, wick the coils, and adjust the airflow to be right on the coils.

RDA's vs. Tanks Tank


Tanks are pretty great if you like not having to drip. My first vape was a Ego AIO with a build in tank. Tanks are great for the people who do not want to just vape. They are easy and perfect for going an everyday vape. Lets face it, Dripping all the time is not the most practical.  So, if you want a very practical vape, then get a tank.

You can rebuild coils on tanks, but it a lot of work and replacement coils are really cheap.

The clounds can be big, but will never be as big as a really good RDA build.



Macro Coil Build- Vape Coil Build

Macro Coil Build

Macro Coil Build

This Macro Coil Build is my all time favorite build. It’s very very very simple and it blows huge clouds.  Just make sure your battery can handle this build. This macro coil build is so simple anyone can do it.

Macro Coil Build 2

All is used was 24 gauge nichrome wire, wire cutter, a 7/64 drill bit “for rapping the coils”, pliers, and a small screw driver.

I cut off about a foot of 24 gauge Nichrome wire and staightened it out with a drill. I use a drill because it gets really straight and I feel like it makes it stiffer.

Macro Coil Build 3

I did 4 wraps, but did not count the first wrap. I normally do not use the first wrap in single strand wire builds, because it is never as straight as I want.

Macro Coil Build 4
work out the hot spots

I had some bad hot spots on this build because all the coils were touching. I use some wire cutters to separate the coils just a little bit.

Macro Coil Build

After I got out all the hot spots, I just put 100% organic cotton in the middle of the coils.

Macro Coil Build

Even though this is a single strand build, It still chucks massive clouds. This build came out exactly the way I wanted it to, which is to have a simple build create big clouds. All in all, this build is one that anyone can do plus it makes clouds that a massive.

Vape safe my friends!!!

Stove Top Coil- Vape Coil

Stove Top Coil- Vape Coil

Stove Top Coil- Vape Coil

Stove Top Coil- Vape Coil

This Stove Top Coil is one of the most flavorful vapes out there. It’s reading at .18 ohms, so use a high drain battery.

Stove Top Coil- Vape Coil supplies

I used 24 awg nichrome wire, a 3/32  drill bit, and wire cutters. I ended up using a screwdriver that was the same size as the 3/32 drill bit. And I also used 100% Japanese cotton, as always.

Stove Top Coil- Vape Coil part !

Start wrapping the coils, but wrap them on top of each other. Be careful, It’s really easy to not wrap the wraps on top of each other. I did 5 wraps per coils.

Stove Top Coil- Vape Coil part 2

Work out the hot spots and put cotton below the coils. Then when you cotton on the sides of the lead post, when you install the Rda.

This Stove Top Coil- Vape Coil is a really warm vape. Be really care and have a good battery, so it does not blow up. The Stove Top Coil is a lot more vapable when the coils glaze over after a few hours.Thanks for reading about this Stove Top Coil- Vape Coil part 2

Thanks for reading about this Stove Top Coil- Vape Coil and don’t for get to subscribe!


My Vape Set Up

My Vape Set Up

Right now, my vape set up is my favorite. It is a Kanger DripMod and RDA running at .22 ohms. It is 24 gauge kanthal wire and I have 100% Japanese cotton on these bad boys.

My Vape Set Up

The battery is a Samsung 25r and it has worked for my coil builds so far. I always calculate my builds and make sure my battery can handle it.


I prefer RDA’s over tanks. The flavor is so much better and I get bigger clouds. Do not get me wrong, tanks are great for everyday use, but you cannot go wrong with an RDA and mechanical Mod.

Thanks for reading and see you guys soon!



I’m Mack and I just started this blog. It’s going to be all about vaping and getting people of the coffin nails. I’m going to try and post several times a week, but sometimes life gets in the way. So let’s get ready to blow some clouds.