National Park Vaping Ban- Vape News!

There has been a National Park Vaping ban. You can no longer vape in a national park. The ban has come from the ban on smoking in National Parks, even though vaping is not the same thing as smoking.

The National Park Services (NPS) says vaping is still an unknown and may cause health related problems in not vapers.  As crazy as that sounds, that is what they are proposing.

Vaping out in the open does not affect anyone besides the vaper. Vapor evaporates too fast to cause an area to be filled with vapor. It is a little crazy and I am still trying to think about their logic behind the National Park Vaping Ban.

Vaping still has not been proven to be harmful. Vaping is even less harmful outdoors because the risk of second-hand vape is minimized. Inside there is such thing as second-hand vape but not outside.

I do get that some people do not what people blowing clouds in their face. I too do not like it when people blow big huge clouds in my vape. That part is all about respect and not health problems. Please be respectful when you vape around other people.

The National Park Vaping Ban is not a big deal.

I have never seen a person vape in a national park, nor have I heard of anyone vaping in a national park. It is a little annoying how they say vaping is like smoking tobacco, which it is not. Vaping is completely different and I just wish the government would see that. But for now, we just have to follow the rules and keep vaping.

Always vape respectfully because it shields a good light on vaping. The last thing we need is the whole world thinking vapers are jerks and do not care about anyone.  We are human beings just like everyone else. Vape on!