How To Make Clapton Wire- Clapton Vape Wire

How To Make Clapton Wire- Clapton Vape

What is clapton wire? Well basically, clapton vape wire is just like a guitar string. For everyone who does not know what guitar strings look like, it is a large gauge wire wraped around a smaller gauge wire.

Pros of Clapton Wire

Clapton wire is one of my favorite wires to vape on because it creates a ton of vapor and does not get very hot. One of the big benefits of clapton wire, is that it has a lot of wire mass, which creates more vapor. The more wire you have, granted that you have good airflow and wicked the coil well, you will have a lot more vapor than low mass coils.

Cons of Clapton Wire

The only con I have with clapton wire, is that it uses a ton of ejuice. I only get big hits when I vape on clapton wire, but that is at 120 watts with a dual .20 ohm clapton build.


Lets Get Started

There are two main ways you can make clapton wire. One is just with a drill AKA free hand. The second is with a drill and a swivel. They both work great, but the swivel method is the easiest.

How To Make Clapton Wire- Clapton Vape 2
I ended up using 36 gauge stainless steel instead of nickel

First, you cut your core wire. The core wire is the lower gauge wire “the thicker wire”.

Second, start wraping the smaller gauge wire around the core wire where it will be clamped in the chuck of the drill . “the thinner wire.”

Third, start slowly as you to wrap the clapton wire around the core wire. I hold the spoil of wire in my hand as I make the wire. I have found that when I do not hold the spoil of wire, it is much harder to make the wire without any imperfections.

Fourth, Once you get in a rhythm, you can speed up the drill. Once I claptonize the whole wire, I twisted the clapton wire on it’s self to make it tighter.

That is how to make clapton vape wire. It’s is really simple to make this wire and it chucks huge clouds. Make sure your battery can handle your coils and vape safe.

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