How To Make Braided Kanthal Vape Wire

Braided Kanthal Vape WireHere is a pretty sweet Braided Kanthal Vape wire I made. Braided kanthal has a few distinct characteristics which differ from other kanthal builds. It almost reminds me of a Clapton build, it is not quite exact. Braided Kanthal Vape wire wicks a little better than Clapton wire in my opinion. The clouds are not the biggest, but you can still win cloud competitions with them. I did make them have a gloss finish with sand paper. It came out to be a very low ohm builds so make sure your battery can handle it. Always vape safe and never overload your batteries.

How to make Braided Kanthal Vape wire

This wire is kinda a pain to make if you do not have a vise or something else to hold the wires firmly down. Getting a small vise is not hard and can normally be found at a hardware store for like$15-$20.

Braided Kanthal Vape Wire

I started by cutting 3 pieces of 28 gauge AWG Kanthal Wire at 2 feet long. The overall length is going to be around 7/8th of a foot when you get finished.

Fold wires in half and twist all three pieces together. It is very important to get them even because it makes it a lot easier to braid the wire when they are even.

Braided Kanthal Vape Wire 2

Start braiding them and keep the braid tight. I keep it tight by pushing the wires back at a 90-degree angle. Always have the same amount of tension on the wire at all times. You mess up you could end up making the Braided Kanthal Vape wire unusable.

It takes me about 10 minutes to braid a foot when I work it non-stop. The build came out to .08 ohms for a 10 wrap single coil. It has lots of wire mass and a slower than normal ramp up time. I would only use this on a regulated mod or a parallel box mod. I do not think there is a single battery that can handle this low ohm by itself. Vape safe and Blow big clouds.