Macro Coil Build- Vape Coil Build

Macro Coil Build

This Macro Coil Build is my all time favorite build. It’s very very very simple and it blows huge clouds.  Just make sure your battery can handle this build. This macro coil build is so simple anyone can do it.

Macro Coil Build 2

All is used was 24 gauge nichrome wire, wire cutter, a 7/64 drill bit “for rapping the coils”, pliers, and a small screw driver.

I cut off about a foot of 24 gauge Nichrome wire and staightened it out with a drill. I use a drill because it gets really straight and I feel like it makes it stiffer.

Macro Coil Build 3

I did 4 wraps, but did not count the first wrap. I normally do not use the first wrap in single strand wire builds, because it is never as straight as I want.

Macro Coil Build 4
work out the hot spots

I had some bad hot spots on this build because all the coils were touching. I use some wire cutters to separate the coils just a little bit.

Macro Coil Build

After I got out all the hot spots, I just put 100% organic cotton in the middle of the coils.

Macro Coil Build

Even though this is a single strand build, It still chucks massive clouds. This build came out exactly the way I wanted it to, which is to have a simple build create big clouds. All in all, this build is one that anyone can do plus it makes clouds that a massive.

Vape safe my friends!!!