Helix Wire- 24 gauge/36 gauge Kanthal Vape Coil

Helix Vape Wire is really simple to build. It’s kinda similar to Clapton wire but just simple. It’s one of the easy “advance builds” I have done. Helix wire is just a thin gauge wire wrapped in a twisted wire. I know that was a little bit of a mouth full. I aimed to get this build around .2 ohms and I ended up around there at .18 ohm. None the less, helix wire chucks clouds but is not the biggest cloud builder.

How To Make Helix Wire

Like I said the helix wire is really simple and is kinda like a Clapton. It adds wire surface, which ends up makes bigger clouds.

Helix Wire- 24 gauge/36 gauge Kanthal Vape Coil2
I started out with two pieces of 25 gauge Kanthal

First I started out with 24 gauge Kanthal. I cut about a 2 and a half feet of it. I know 2 and a half feet sounds like a lot, but I only gave me a foot in the end. I cut the wire in half, then hand-twisted both ends.

Second, I twisted both of the “strands” of 24 gauge kanthal. I made sure It was twisted tight, but not too tight. If it is too tight is will end up twisting over itself. A good rule of thumb is to twist it and keep the same tension  on the wire the whole time, while you twist it. Vape wire is not expensive, so practice it till you can get it perfect.

Helix Wire- 24 gauge/36 gauge Kanthal Vape Coil3
The Finished wire has two pieces of 36 gauge wire helixed in it

Third, I got out my 36 gauge kanthal wire. This helix vape wire is full on kanthal. Kanthal is like entry level cheap wire, which everyone can use. I wrapped the 36 gauge wire in the twists of the wire. NOTE I did it twice since there was to pieces of wire.

Wrapping the Helix Wire

These Helix wire coils are pretty cool, but the act a little like a Clapton, but have the resistance of single wire coils.

I just used a 7/64 drill bit to wrap the coils. I ended up doing five wraps because I wanted to end up around .2 ohms.

Wicking these coils was easy I did not use a lot of cotton just because this coil does not use a ton of juice.  I am vaping this coil around 90 watts, which does not burn it and is not a hot vape, but it gives it decent vapor production.