Fused Twisted Clapton Vape Wire- Stainless Steel

Fused Twisted Clapton Vape Wire made with stainless steel. This is one of my first stainless steel builds because I normally use kanthal or nichrome. The colors on stainless steel is probably my favorite part of this build. It came out to .17 ohms, which was exactly where I wanted it.

Fused Twisted Clapton Vape Wire How TO

This build is pretty simple but it does take some concentration for making the clapton part. It is a little hard because the wire is twisted and it wants to helix the wire not claptonize it.”Hey! I just made that word up” I just took it slow at first then sped it up.

Fused Twisted Clapton Vape Wire

I started off with 28 gauge stainless steel for the core/fuse wire. I wanted it a higher gauge because I did not want this build to be extremely low ohms. The higher gauge did work but you might be able to get away with 26 gauge.

Fused Twisted Clapton Vape Wire

I cut one piece that was about 2.5 feet long. I folded it in half and stuck it in a drill chuck. I then started twisting it and twisted it a little bit but not a lot. Twisting it a too much could cause the wire to get hard and not bend a lot, kinda like this Nickel build. That nickel build was good for what it is but I did not want this wire to get hard.

I then used 32 gauge for the clapton part of this Fused Twisted Clapton Vape Wire build. I do not really like higher gauge wire for claptons because they are a little too thin for me. Start really slow and make sure your wraps are doing good. You can start to go faster after you got the technique down, just do not let it helix instead of clapton.

I used a 7/64 drill bit and did 5 wraps. They have a really cool color and chuck clouds. It is pretty low ohms so make sure your battery can handle this low ohms. Vape Saft

Fused Twisted Clapton Vape Wire

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