Vaping Peer Pressure! Is There a Bigger Problem?

Is vaping peer pressure a real thing?

We all have been through middle school and high school and faced some type of peer pressure. Some people are strong and stand up against it while others just care too much about what people think of them. It works the same way with vaping peer pressure.

Some kids cannot say no to people who they hang out with. This causes a problem when kids think illegal things are “cool”.  Whether it is vaping or drugs, it is a problem that is a little overlooked.

Adults who do studies on teen vaping, often do not look at the aspect of peer pressure. They just look at a number of teens who vape.

In reality, it is a bigger problem than vaping peer pressure. The problem is kids who look to others to validate their worth.

Why Vape Devices Blow Up

Cop Will Not Be Charged for Shooting a Man With a Vape Mod

Why Vape Devices Blow Up

Why Vape Devices Blow Up

Here is Why Vape Devices Blow Up. All over the internet, there are posts about vape devices blowing up and people getting hurt. Even though it is very unfortunate that people are getting hurt, most of the time it is user error.

You can tell it is user error because almost all the time you see a vape device blow, it is a RDA on a mech mod or even a regulated mod.

People say all vapes are bad because they blow up, but if you look at the post and see similarities, you will notice a few things. These things greatly explain why these devices are blowing up.

 Why Vape Devices Blow Up

Why Vape Devices Blow Up

They are mostly mechanical mods. Mechanical mods are great for getting raw power and big clouds. I do believe that mechanical mods make the biggest clouds, but they are the most dangerous because they are taking power directly from the battery.   Mechanical mods that have a battery reading to low will cause the battery to blow up. It is that simple.

People have coil builds that are too low ohms. Ohms is the electrical reading that displays how much power it takes to heat up the coils. It also will give you an idea of how hot the vapor will be. If the ohm reading is too low your battery will heat up and could possibly explode.

People just do not know how to build vape coils and the safety behind it. Do not go below .10 ohm for any battery or device. Make sure you have name brand batteries. I always go with a Samsung 25r. It is the best battery in my opinion.

Always test your coils with an ohm reader and never run a coil build that is too low in ohms. Always Vape Safe!

Cop Will Not Be Charged for Shooting a Man With a Vape Mod

Cop Will Not Be Charged for Shooting a Man With a Vape Mod

Cop Will Not Be Charged for Shooting a Man With a Vape Mod. In EL Cajon there was a police officer who shot and killed a man.  The subject who was killed was an alcohol and cocaine user, jus happened to point a vape mod at the officer like a gun.  Again the officer will not be charged because deadly force was deemed acceptable.

The officer last year shot and killed an unarmed black man. Even though he has shot and killed another human last year, this shooting with the vape device was completely justified by the district attorney. I do not care who you are, but anyone who points something at a cop like a gun is asking for it.

I do not care who you are, but anyone who points something at a cop like a gun is just asking for trouble. Police officers are out to protect citizens and themselves, so if someone appears to point a gun at an officer they are probably going to get shot.

Police officers are put in situations where they have to make split-second decisions and this is one of them. It is sad that someone lost their life, but he proposed a threat to the police officer.

The father of the man who was killed said he was shocked that a police officer could shoot and kill a person and not be arrested. Personally, I feel anyone in their right state of mind would see this as justified. The guy pointed the vape at him like a gun.  The vape was silver and from a distance probably looked like a gun.

After the man was killed, they tested his blood. In his blood, they found cocaine and alcohol. He was probably acting crazy as well and was not in his right state of mind. It is very unfortunate that he lost his life, but he threatened the officer and the officer defended himself.

Cop Will Not Be Charged for Shooting a Man With a Vape Mod

Fused Twisted Clapton Vape Wire- Stainless Steel

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National Park Vaping Ban- Vape News!

There has been a National Park Vaping ban. You can no longer vape in a national park. The ban has come from the ban on smoking in National Parks, even though vaping is not the same thing as smoking.

The National Park Services (NPS) says vaping is still an unknown and may cause health related problems in not vapers.  As crazy as that sounds, that is what they are proposing.

Vaping out in the open does not affect anyone besides the vaper. Vapor evaporates too fast to cause an area to be filled with vapor. It is a little crazy and I am still trying to think about their logic behind the National Park Vaping Ban.

Vaping still has not been proven to be harmful. Vaping is even less harmful outdoors because the risk of second-hand vape is minimized. Inside there is such thing as second-hand vape but not outside.

I do get that some people do not what people blowing clouds in their face. I too do not like it when people blow big huge clouds in my vape. That part is all about respect and not health problems. Please be respectful when you vape around other people.

The National Park Vaping Ban is not a big deal.

I have never seen a person vape in a national park, nor have I heard of anyone vaping in a national park. It is a little annoying how they say vaping is like smoking tobacco, which it is not. Vaping is completely different and I just wish the government would see that. But for now, we just have to follow the rules and keep vaping.

Always vape respectfully because it shields a good light on vaping. The last thing we need is the whole world thinking vapers are jerks and do not care about anyone.  We are human beings just like everyone else. Vape on!

Teen Vaping Drop! For the First Time in Years

Teen vaping drop

Teen vaping drop for the first time in years. Minors have been illegally vaping for a very long time, ever since vaping become popular. No one really knows why teens have been vaping or what their motive behind vaping is. All we know now is that there is a teen vaping drop.

Sources have shown that only 13% of all high school students have said they have tried an e-cigarette/vape. Now, given the fact that no one knows why there are teens vaping, there are a few educated guesses we can make.

Teen vaping drop

Reasons for the Teen Vaping Drop

Minors have been using tobacco products ever since they came out. “To get the record straight, I am not saying vaping or e-cigarettes are tobacco products.” Tobacco products have nicotine as their main active chemical. I say chemical because nicotine is a chemical. Teens use tobacco to get the edge of, as they say. Nicotine does have a calming effect, but it does also cause death. Tobacco is the only product legal in America if use the way it is intended will kill you. Nicotine is in e-juice so there are some things we can take from that.

Since we know nicotine takes the edge off and e-juice has nicotine, teens might be using e-juice with nicotine to take the edge off. I have to say I would rather teens vape than smoke combustible tobacco products, but it is highly illegal and vaping should not be done by minors. But that does not give a reason for the decline.

Nicotine is a psychoactive chemical. It releases dopamines in the brain, but the nicotine buzz normally lasts a few minutes at a time. If someone who does not smoke or vapes, vapes an e-juice with nicotine, they will more than likely obtain a buzz or head rush from the nicotine in the e-juice. A person’s tolerance to nicotine rises within a very short amount of time. If a person starts to vape and vapes for a week with nicotine, they will probably stop having a nicotine buzz or head rush. That is how fast your nicotine tolerance rises.

The Teen vaping drop is mostly due to the fact that teens are not getting a buzz from the nicotine. They probably go into it and get a nicotine buzz than within a week realize that buzz effect is gone. After their buzz time frame is gone, they probably think vaping is pointless. If you only want to vape for the buzz and not the hobby, then vaping is pointless after the buzz effect is gone.

So we can take that the teen vaping drop is more than likely due to the fact that vaping is not giving teens what they want. Vaping was not meant for getting a buzz or head rush. It is meant to get people off tobacco products and for enjoyment.

That is my two cents, comment yours!