Stainless Steel Parallel Coil Build

This Stainless Steel Parallel Coil build makes me love parallel builds each time I take a hit. It is one of the best coils I have made. The vapor production is massive and with the right airflow, you can make Goldilocks clouds.

What this Stainless Steel Parallel Build offers

  • Top Quality Vapor Production
  • Full Flavor
  • Beginner build experience

I have been vaping on this same coil for a few months now since I like it so much. All I do is clean the coil by getting it wet while it is hot and it is clean as a whistle.

Let’s get started with this coil build.

Here are the supplies you will need. Pretty simple! It is just a drill, two different types of vape wire, pliers, A drill bit and wire cutters. It is all the basic coil building supplies.Stainless Steel Parallel

After you get the supplies, you cut your two strands of wire. I only cut about eight inches of each length because I only made one coil. I would cut about a foot if you are going to make dual coils. I then used my drill to straighten the wire. “Pro Tip” A drill makes wires as straight as possible.  Stainless Steel Parallel WireThird, I started wrapping the wire. This part was a little difficult because the wires are two different sizes and making them line up is a pain. You might want to use the drill to wrap the coils. Stainless Steel Parallel Wrapped WireLastly, I put the coils on my RDA. I used my Goon RDA because it has a lot of room to build on and it is not as tall as other RDAs. If you have not tried the Goon RDA here is a link. The one coil came out to be .24 ohms.

Even though it was a single coil build, it still makes a ton of vapor and while filling your lungs.

Stainless Steel Coil That Chucks

Stainless Steel Coil

Stainless Steel Coil That Makes Clouds in The Sky! This build is a beast and has the potential to win cloud competitions. Stainless Steel coils offer spectacular flavor when vaping and build huge clouds. The Stainless steel coils have a fairly low resistance. I have found that vaping on them in temperature control mode works best for me.

The temperature control mode is a pretty sweet tool to use when you are vaping and building your own stainless steel clapton coils. Since the stainless steel clapton coils have a low resistance, they tend to get too hot fairly quickly. The temperature control mode allows for you to keep the coil below a certain temperature, which in turn will make sure your cotton does not get burnt.

A big problem with building your own coils or stainless steel clapton coils, is that mech mods and running your coils on wattage mod will burn your cotton. Once you burn the cotton really bad, it can leave a burnt taste in the RDA forever. Make sure the coil does not get close to 600 degrees Fahrenheit. I try to keep it around 450 Degrees just to be on the safe side.

One dope thing about the stainless steel clapton coils is that they leave really cool looking hot spots. Since they are stainless steel they will make blue, yellow and brown spots on the coil.

Here is how to build the Stainless Steel coil

First off I get good vape wire and make sure it is high quality for my stainless coil.

Stainless Steel Coil

Next, I go and cut one piece of core stainless steel wire. I used 28 gauge wire because I still wanted this coil to be vapeable and if I used like a 22 gauge the ohms would be too low.

Third, I started wrapping the stainless steel clapton wire on the core wire to make tight wraps around the core wire. Stainless Steel Coil

I found that the tighter the wrap, the easier it is to actually make the coils at the end.

Two stainless steel coils were made from all the Clapton wire I made. I did four wraps and vaped on this coil in temperature control mode or around 90 watts because the dual coils came in at .17 ohms.

Stainless Steel Coil