VAPE STORE-How To Find a Great Vape Store !

Vape Store
Vape Store
Vape Store

Finding a Great VAPE STORE is hard. I have bought vape products from many different stores all to find a great one. At the end of this post, I will leave a few links to a great vape store or two.

A good vape store has some highlighted characteristics.

  • Friendly Service
  • New and high-quality products
  • Fair Prices
  • Good Hours

Friendly service is my number one deciding factor when looking for the best vape store. They can have great prices but if their employees suck, then it will be a pain to shop there. Always have a decent attitude towards vape store employees, because they probably have had bad customers that day.

New and High-quality products is a biggy. I have been to a few vape shops and all they had were cheap little vapes that had built in tanks. They also had cheap juices, which I do not advise using for many health reasons. Always buy high-quality products from a vape store.

Fair Prices are always a must. I say fair because in person vape shops are always going to be higher than online places. I never knew why until I asked a shop owner who said that it cost him 8 thousand dollars to keep his shop open each month. Paying a little bit extra is not really that bad considering how much it cos them.  I always expect to pay $15 more for a vape when I buy it in person. Always support local vape stores, they keep this industry going.

Why I like local vape shops is because they offer a lot. I love the stores that mix their own e-juice, because you know it is fresh. Most shops have a lounge area to hang out and vape, which gives a sense of community to the vaping world. Find the best vape store is not that hard, but they are all different and offer different things.

My favorite Online Shop is Misthub.    Great Prices and probably the best customer service from an online shop.

Since we all live in different places all around the world, you are going to have to go out and hunt for your favorite shop.

Teen Vaping Drop! For the First Time in Years



Teen Vaping Drop! For the First Time in Years

Teen vaping drop

Teen vaping drop for the first time in years. Minors have been illegally vaping for a very long time, ever since vaping become popular. No one really knows why teens have been vaping or what their motive behind vaping is. All we know now is that there is a teen vaping drop.

Sources have shown that only 13% of all high school students have said they have tried an e-cigarette/vape. Now, given the fact that no one knows why there are teens vaping, there are a few educated guesses we can make.

Teen vaping drop

Reasons for the Teen Vaping Drop

Minors have been using tobacco products ever since they came out. “To get the record straight, I am not saying vaping or e-cigarettes are tobacco products.” Tobacco products have nicotine as their main active chemical. I say chemical because nicotine is a chemical. Teens use tobacco to get the edge of, as they say. Nicotine does have a calming effect, but it does also cause death. Tobacco is the only product legal in America if use the way it is intended will kill you. Nicotine is in e-juice so there are some things we can take from that.

Since we know nicotine takes the edge off and e-juice has nicotine, teens might be using e-juice with nicotine to take the edge off. I have to say I would rather teens vape than smoke combustible tobacco products, but it is highly illegal and vaping should not be done by minors. But that does not give a reason for the decline.

Nicotine is a psychoactive chemical. It releases dopamines in the brain, but the nicotine buzz normally lasts a few minutes at a time. If someone who does not smoke or vapes, vapes an e-juice with nicotine, they will more than likely obtain a buzz or head rush from the nicotine in the e-juice. A person’s tolerance to nicotine rises within a very short amount of time. If a person starts to vape and vapes for a week with nicotine, they will probably stop having a nicotine buzz or head rush. That is how fast your nicotine tolerance rises.

The Teen vaping drop is mostly due to the fact that teens are not getting a buzz from the nicotine. They probably go into it and get a nicotine buzz than within a week realize that buzz effect is gone. After their buzz time frame is gone, they probably think vaping is pointless. If you only want to vape for the buzz and not the hobby, then vaping is pointless after the buzz effect is gone.

So we can take that the teen vaping drop is more than likely due to the fact that vaping is not giving teens what they want. Vaping was not meant for getting a buzz or head rush. It is meant to get people off tobacco products and for enjoyment.

That is my two cents, comment yours!


Helix Wire- 24 gauge/36 gauge Kanthal Vape Coil

Helix Wire- 24 gauge/36 gauge Kanthal Vape Coil

Helix Vape Wire is really simple to build. It’s kinda similar to Clapton wire but just simple. It’s one of the easy “advance builds” I have done. Helix wire is just a thin gauge wire wrapped in a twisted wire. I know that was a little bit of a mouth full. I aimed to get this build around .2 ohms and I ended up around there at .18 ohm. None the less, helix wire chucks clouds but is not the biggest cloud builder.

How To Make Helix Wire

Like I said the helix wire is really simple and is kinda like a Clapton. It adds wire surface, which ends up makes bigger clouds.

Helix Wire- 24 gauge/36 gauge Kanthal Vape Coil2
I started out with two pieces of 25 gauge Kanthal

First I started out with 24 gauge Kanthal. I cut about a 2 and a half feet of it. I know 2 and a half feet sounds like a lot, but I only gave me a foot in the end. I cut the wire in half, then hand-twisted both ends.

Second, I twisted both of the “strands” of 24 gauge kanthal. I made sure It was twisted tight, but not too tight. If it is too tight is will end up twisting over itself. A good rule of thumb is to twist it and keep the same tension  on the wire the whole time, while you twist it. Vape wire is not expensive, so practice it till you can get it perfect.

Helix Wire- 24 gauge/36 gauge Kanthal Vape Coil3
The Finished wire has two pieces of 36 gauge wire helixed in it

Third, I got out my 36 gauge kanthal wire. This helix vape wire is full on kanthal. Kanthal is like entry level cheap wire, which everyone can use. I wrapped the 36 gauge wire in the twists of the wire. NOTE I did it twice since there was to pieces of wire.

Wrapping the Helix Wire

These Helix wire coils are pretty cool, but the act a little like a Clapton, but have the resistance of single wire coils.

I just used a 7/64 drill bit to wrap the coils. I ended up doing five wraps because I wanted to end up around .2 ohms.

Wicking these coils was easy I did not use a lot of cotton just because this coil does not use a ton of juice.  I am vaping this coil around 90 watts, which does not burn it and is not a hot vape, but it gives it decent vapor production.

How To Make Clapton Wire- Clapton Vape Wire

How To Make Clapton Wire- Clapton Vape

How To Make Clapton Wire- Clapton Vape

What is clapton wire? Well basically, clapton vape wire is just like a guitar string. For everyone who does not know what guitar strings look like, it is a large gauge wire wraped around a smaller gauge wire.

Pros of Clapton Wire

Clapton wire is one of my favorite wires to vape on because it creates a ton of vapor and does not get very hot. One of the big benefits of clapton wire, is that it has a lot of wire mass, which creates more vapor. The more wire you have, granted that you have good airflow and wicked the coil well, you will have a lot more vapor than low mass coils.

Cons of Clapton Wire

The only con I have with clapton wire, is that it uses a ton of ejuice. I only get big hits when I vape on clapton wire, but that is at 120 watts with a dual .20 ohm clapton build.


Lets Get Started

There are two main ways you can make clapton wire. One is just with a drill AKA free hand. The second is with a drill and a swivel. They both work great, but the swivel method is the easiest.

How To Make Clapton Wire- Clapton Vape 2
I ended up using 36 gauge stainless steel instead of nickel

First, you cut your core wire. The core wire is the lower gauge wire “the thicker wire”.

Second, start wraping the smaller gauge wire around the core wire where it will be clamped in the chuck of the drill . “the thinner wire.”

Third, start slowly as you to wrap the clapton wire around the core wire. I hold the spoil of wire in my hand as I make the wire. I have found that when I do not hold the spoil of wire, it is much harder to make the wire without any imperfections.

Fourth, Once you get in a rhythm, you can speed up the drill. Once I claptonize the whole wire, I twisted the clapton wire on it’s self to make it tighter.

That is how to make clapton vape wire. It’s is really simple to make this wire and it chucks huge clouds. Make sure your battery can handle your coils and vape safe.

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