My Vape Set Up

My Vape Set Up

Right now, my vape set up is my favorite. It is a Kanger DripMod and RDA running at .22 ohms. It is 24 gauge kanthal wire and I have 100% Japanese cotton on these bad boys.

My Vape Set Up

The battery is a Samsung 25r and it has worked for my coil builds so far. I always calculate my builds and make sure my battery can handle it.


I prefer RDA’s over tanks. The flavor is so much better and I get bigger clouds. Do not get me wrong, tanks are great for everyday use, but you cannot go wrong with an RDA and mechanical Mod.

Thanks for reading and see you guys soon!



I’m Mack and I just started this blog. It’s going to be all about vaping and getting people of the coffin nails. I’m going to try and post several times a week, but sometimes life gets in the way. So let’s get ready to blow some clouds.